Monitor Audio RS-6 : What's better under $1500? ?

I recently heard a pair of Monitor Audio RS-6 ($1000/pair) after reading the Stereophile review(March 2006) The speaker was very good for the money. Most impressive: it sounded coherent through the midrange and most of high frequency range. Imaging and soundstaging also were good but not overwhelming, not much happening outside the boundary of the speakers--(they seemed too close to showroom's back wall) The SP review claimed otherwise.... That said... and if you have auditioned them, would appreciate opinions on what might be better in terms of coherency, bass, soundstaging, for between $1300-1500
I've listend to those speakers, and I have to say I was left unimpressed. It was being driven by musical fidelity gear and I thought the Polk Audio LSi15's beat them in many critical areas for my tastes.

While the imaging and mid-range were nice, they seemed to "hifi" for me and simply didn't get the music across. I thought they lacked a great sense of depth and sounded thin and forward sounding.
Aurum Cantus or Triangle in that price range are much better. Better in terms of everything.