Monitor Audio Platnium II

Anyone get a chance to hear these?

I have heard they are way better than the new D3, but i haven't compared them

The monitor audio platinum's are world-class speakers the paradigm persona are definitely not. I have the platinum 200 generation 2 and I haven't heard anything at three or four times the price that's better.
I have heard the the Platinum 300 II ,They are not bad speakers but I was disappointed from their weak dynamics they sound too "polite" for my taste What Hi-Fi magazine conclude the same observation on their review of the 300 II .In general I am not a big fan of  MA sound signature.
Yes they are much better than the B&W D3. I purchased the Platinum 200 g2 after having the gold 300 g5 in my home. The g5 were amazing I was not prepared for them to have not much of an improvement over the 300 g4. They are about 80% as good as the Platinum but after having the platinum in my house to compare the Platinum are better and I purchased them. I had a chance to listen to the Platinum 500 g2 and all I can tell you is they will beat speakers that are 80 to $100,000. I can't believe they retail for $30,000 they're amazing.