Monitor Audio Platinum or Magico A3

I am looking to upgrade my Triangle Cellos.  My shortlist was  Magico A3, Triton Reference, Monitor PL300 II, I Magico S3 II, Dynaudio Contour 60,  Spendor D9, Canton K3, Focal Sopra.  (I have not auditioned the MA Platinum or the Dynaudio).

My shortlist now is: Monitor Audio Platinum II and Magico A3.  The Monitor Audio was a Stereophile Product of the year in 2017.  I listen to most music types  except Jazz and Country & Western.  

I would be interested to hear experiences about any of the speakers.  I have, as mentioned, auditioned but have not heard them in my own home.   TIA

I have the A3 in my system for about a week now. I am playing it with the Pass INT-250. Amazing sound! I had the Dynaudio contour 30 before, this is a big upgrade. I listen to many speakers before I chose the A3. Some of the contenders were the Wilson Sabrina the  Dynaudio Contour 60 and Confidence 2 and the Focal Sopra 2. I never considered the MA because I don't like AMT tweeters. They always sticks out, impressive at first, but  a headache later. 

I guess I just don't understand people on Audiogon. If you're reading the same thread I am, than "you should go listen" is the clear winner!
I agree. I spent long time auditioning these speakers. 
I have had the pleasure of owning Magico S3s and now own Monitor Audio PL 200IIs.  I enjoyed/enjoy them both.  I found myself adjusting to both quickly. I have been more of a MA person having owned their gold and silver line speakers. Truth be told. I sold the S3s when the updated version came out so I could get the max value.  I was a bit annoyed as I bought the S3s a few months before the new and improved S3s were released.  If I knew that was going to happen I would have waited to buy them.  My dealer played stupid. Oh and Magico jacked up the price by $5K on a pair. MA Platinums are gorgeous and perform well.  They put a lot of R&D into all their speakers. 
@andrei_nz,As a owner of ProAc D48R, I encourage you to seek out this loudspeaker and audition it at least once. If you are considering the Spendor D9, then these you should not miss these ones.