Monitor Audio Platinum + Audio Research

Hi All,
has aynone auditioned modern Audio Research gear with Monitor Audio Platinum speakers?
I'm considering ARC VS115+LS26 hooked up to MA Platinum 100 (monitors) but cannot give it a try before buy, so has to rely on opinions.
At the time I tried MA PL200 (middle sized floorstander) with Jadis 80 and it was a good match, but on the warm side.
Btw, any ideas on other speakers for that preamp/poweramp are also very welcome.

Thanks in advance

Inpieces: as you might have read, I don't have an opportunity to try it before purchase, so your post is not that helpful;P

Have you auditioned it? What was good, what wasn't ? Are MA PL connected to ARC, having fast, dynamic response or like a mud? Wasn't this set too bright or analytical ?
I just got Monitor Audio 200s in October. Love them inside and out. Clearly deserving of their Stereophile 'A' list rating. Crisp and clear on all levels though i do use a sub.