Monitor Audio PL300 Series 1

Please provide me with constructive criticism and advice on my HT and Music system and let me know what processor you would recommend for it, I was thinking the emotiva xmc:

Monitor Audio PL300 Series 1 - Fronts
Monitor Audio PL350 - Middle
Monitor Audio PL100 - Rear
Mcintosh MC 300 - three of them, one for each front channel
Mcintosh MC 152 - for two back channels
Oppo 205 DVD 
Emotiva xmc — processor - haven’t bought it yet and need it for ht movies and music playing

Thanks for the advice!

I had an Emotiva HT processor and it sounded thin and lifeless. Honestly you are better off running your Oppo 205 directly through a Parasound Halo P7 multi channel pre. 

The built in room correction was not worth it. 

I have heard really good things about the Krell HT Standard, which is available used at bargain prices. 


With McIntosh amplification all around, consider MX-121 at a bargain price of $3295.00 (there is one available brand new on Agon). 

My next suggestion would be Marantz AV-8802. This will pretty much smokes anything out there under $5K with its superlative audio. The used one’s available for $2500. With Oppo 205,  I wouldn’t consider any AV pre that lacks HDMI and latest audio codec’s decoding compatibility. 
Will the MX-121 have the latest codecs and HDMA compared to the MX-122?  Aren't there many problems with the MX-121?