Monitor Audio PL300 opinions

Looking for the opinions of those that have auditioned or own these fine speakers.
I owned a pair for a couple of months. I thought they were fantastic. My system is ARC Ref gear. The PL300's were a great bargain compared to other speakers I have owned or listened to. Just prior to the PL300's I owned the Cremona M's, and felt the Monitor Audio's were significantly better. A real high end floor stander for a reasonable price. I sold them because I like to switch speakers in and out of the system, and they are just too heavy for this function.
Well better late than never. I have had my PL300's for about a year and a half and love them! Powered by a Parasound Halo
A51 and use a Krell HTS 7.1 as the preamp. Esoteric X-03SE SACD/CD player all hooked in with PS Audio Transcendent Balanced XLR cables. One of my friends is an audiophile, the other a musician. They both enjoy my PL300's and wish they could have them for themselves. You can't go wrong with these speakers and they will give you years of total bliss.
Cheers.....Ron Taylor
I second Ron here. Even later;)
I just bought them and they are marvelous. I wonder why these aren't more attended to at Agon. These are growing on me more so than i believed. The chassis construction and finish of details are incredible. If you like ribbons, but with a total seamless integration of all drivers, coupled with authority and superb musciality. These are for you.
IMO, it sometimes appeals with ribbons and i have honestly not heard it this good before.
So very musical and highly resoluted.
To me these are very special. I used Wilson Benesch ACT years ago, PMC IB-2 and MB-2 (home demo). PMC is very good. But looking and listening at these. Suggest a feeling and sense of a very genuine quality.

Even so, that you can get them to sound very very good with W4S STI (not expensive).
It is not an expensive combo if looking to what you'll get in terms ear-candy;)
So, i use Wyred 4 Sound STI-1000 and currently, Lyngdorf CD-1.
Audio Art SE biwire and Signalcable Silver Ref.
What amazes me is also the organic sense the W4S amp have with these. Oh, .. i love it. These are keepers for me.