Monitor Audio Pl 300ii vs. KEF Reference 5

I own the KEF Reference 5s.  I borrowed the Monitor Audio Pl300 ii speakers for comparison, which is still under way.  Thoughts so far:  Both are good speakers.  The KEFs provide a lot of detail.  Listening to classical music, you can hear orchestral instruments and sections pretty clearly.  Background and counter melodies can be identified. Piano music is very realistic.  The MAs do not provide as much instrumental detail but they do have a more mellow, deeper, broader sound.  Which is better is really a matter of personal choice.  As I said, I’m still listening so these are some quick preliminary reactions.  More later.  
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I too always try to keep my disrespectful / negative / non-constructive thoughts to myself, rather than posting them.  And I seriously value freedom of speech.   But, I'm literally on the brink with this guy (bo1972)...I can't read even one more of his repetitive, nonsensical rants.  He's taking all the joy out of this forum for me.  Yes, that's my problem, not his...and I know I need to just ignore (or laugh).  Just feels good to vent for 30 seconds, thanks for listening.   Now I'll shut up.
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Bo, does the Monitor Audio company know you are on the Internet making these insanely annoying diatribes about their speakers.  Do you realize that your participation in this discussion has driven away potential Monitor Audio customers?  You need to find a better sales tactic.  You are damaging your reputation and the reputation of the brands you represent.  You obviously have no self awareness of how you come across in these forums.  Over and over and over again you miss so many perfect opportunities to keep quiet.
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