Monitor Audio model 3 amp suggestion.

Anybody familiar with this speaker? I am lisening mostly classical in medium size room, and need amp suggestion. Thank you!
i have a model 3 floorstander. i use an old bell 30 wpc. tube amp and it sounds fine. broke it in with an old yamaha r3 because of the sounded fine as well. i think any amp 25-30 wpc would work well. room 13x17,soft jazz, classical moderate levels. new wires coming.
I had a pair of Monitor Audio 14's that worked very well with a McCormack DNA-0.5 Deluxe. The laid-back character of the McCormack electronics seemed to be a very good match for the Monitor Audio's forwardness.
I also had Monitor M14's for 4 years. I went through half a dozen amps, receivers... and guess what, the Denon AVR-3200 blew all of them away by far. I have tried many times to figure out why,... synergy? It is hard to tell, but I have a guess. On that model receiver Denon had extra outputs for bi-wiring available instead of a two - four configuration you could run a separate wire to each speaker terminal. I know that it is still the same signal being divided between two speaker outs, but it was not a little improvement, it was startling. For whatever reason this was happening I suggest bi-wiring your speakers and don't fall for the hype, of a higher priced brand, try a DENON.
Thanks for the info. All of you, but Rufier have different model. I believe there is a big difference. However, i had mine, "Gold 3 CE" just bought from Audioadvisor. I had my friend bring his Linn Majik in, and Mimik CD player. He, however have linn Tukan, i had chance to listen with my favorite CD's. Boy, was i dissapointed with Monitor audio. There is better lower freq. "rounder" "richer" sound, but where is DETAIL? According "What-HIFI" reviews Monitor Audio 3 is 5 star winner winner. "All-rounder, Fast, clean..." I found no evidence of that. Anybody else have any suggestions...? I would like to hear it, otherwise speakers are going to be shipped back...quickly! Thanks!