Monitor Audio - Hype or the good stuff?

With respect to the silver series speakers, are Monitor Audio's every bit the hype they say they are? I've listened to just about each one of the silver series, and I think they sound very good and better than comparible products from M&K and Mirage. What do you think? Is there anyone who knows these speakers really really well? Without bashing them (if that's your opinion), please give an honest opinion.

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I recently bought the Silever Series 7i; A110 subwoofer and the 3i for rear effects and the top Silver series center channel and have been please with the cost/sound trade off. I am driving them with the Parasound AVC-2500 processor and the HCA-1205 Parasound 5 channel; 140 watts a channel amp (I wished I had bought the bigger Parasound) This is a smaller T.V. room system. I have really enjoyed the quality for movies and some music. I have a two channel that consists of Krell KRC-HR; FPB600; Transparent Reference cabling throughout with Theta Transport and D/A converter driving the Wilson Watt/Puppies 5.1s. If I can honestly say I enjoy the Monitors when I feel I have an outstanding two channel, they've got to be worth a look