Monitor Audio GX50

I've been listening to a pair of Monitor Audio GX50's now for about a month and have been really happy with them. I waited to give a small review on these speakers until they were fully broken in and I had a good idea of their sound signature and flavor.

I've got to say that they sound very very good. They are slightly laid back yet they have great high frequency extension. The highs have that delicate, airy quality to them that I really enjoy. The bass is clean, tight and in no way overbearing in my small 11x13x8 listening room. They sound great at very low to moderate listening levels. Theydo get slightly compressed at high volumes but they don't sound harsh in any way, ever. The imaging is awesome, with a deep and wide soundstage, throwing images beyond the speakers. Once I tilted them back a little bit, the soundstage became taller than I've experienced in my room thus far. Singers vocals are where they are supposed to be now, up high.

I bought them new and they sounded pretty good initially, but now that they've been broken in and I've spent more time with them I am enjoying them more and more each day.

The finish on them is first class. The veneer (bubinga) matches on both speakers and is continuos all the way around the speaker, meaning the grain is one continuos piece all the way around. I peeked inside and they are the best looking / built / sturdy speaker I have seen.

They also give you a very clear view into the music. They untangle complex passages and make it easy to follow a particular instrument while still hearing the other instruments also. It's definitely a speaker that draws you in and keeps your attention late into the night. They also have great pace, rythm and timing. There are a many songs that I've heard quite a few times but when I heard those same songs through the GX50's I had an "Aha" moment where I truly understood the message being conveyed through the music for the first time.

If you are looking for a sweet, laid back yet detailed sound that will constantly draw you back into the music and allow you listen for hours with no fatigue give the GX series a listen. I am thoroughly impressed with these speakers!!
I share your enthusiasm. I loved my MA GX50's so much, I just bought the GX100's, both in bubinga. I just wanted a little more bass, otherwise outstanding.