Monitor Audio GS10 on Emotiva

First off, right now im running B&W 601's on a Pioneer Elite VSX-90, and i'm thinking about scrapping it for a pair of Monitor Audio GS10 bookshelves. (I tested 4-5 different bookshelves at this price, and this was my favorite).

I didn't like them hooked up to pioneer reciever very much though. Dynamics suffered, and I found myself running out of headroom. I listened to them on the Pathos Classic One, and I was connected much more. My dealer wanted $1600 for it, which brings it right around my price range, but I'd rather have alot more options.

I've been reading great things about the Emotiva RSP-2 and the XPA-2 combination. Do you think it would be a good match with the MA's? They're pretty loaded and amazingly inexpensive. (the preamp is out of stock, but I would wait if it was worth it).

I'm looking for: Phono preamp, XLR, Remote turnons, and most importantly, a good match for the GS10. My budget is around 1500 and I listen to alot of Jazz, classic rock, psychedelic, indie, rock, etc.

Sources: Computer (need external DAC), and Rega P1 (was using Rotel phono pre)