Monitor Audio GR10 vs. Epos M12.2

I'm currently looking to purchase another used set of speakers, but would like A'gon's community assistance yet again.

I have heard both speakers in totally different setups and liked both very much, but I have not been able to audition the speakers side by side. Therefore, I am comparing based on memory and that's never really a good idea.

All else being equal, which of these two speakers is the more open and airy sounding? Which has better punch?

My current amp is a Sugden A48b w/ mods - warm and robust sounding. Speakers at the moment are Rega Aras, which are also warm sounding. The two warm pieces combined w/a warm/dead room make for a rolled off, 'blah' sort of experience. I'm looking for more air, more oomph, more detail, more crispness and more punch.

Between the Epos m12.2 and the MA GR10, which would come out on top, displaying more of the characteristics for which i'm searching?
Surely someone has experience with both...

Problem is, I'm purchasing used, so i'm going to have to make a more or less blind (deaf?) decision.

any help appreciated.
I don't know about the MA's but I found the Epos range quite warm and thick through the mids. Great in a leaner system if this is what you like, but unlikely to solve your current warmth issue.
I sent you an email yesterday with different speaker ideas......
oh, Hi Riley -

yes, i rec'd your email with those alternative speaker choices, but the majority of them are being sold in the USA only, whereas i live in Toronto, Canada.

I want to purchase my speakers locally and do not wish to incur any shipping/ currency exchange expenses.

I'm not 100% certain, though, that you give the two aforementioned speakers enough credit; I would venture to say that they fit comfortably within your list's company. Then again, i have not heard all the speakers from you list, so perhaps there are some that are, in fact, head and shoulders above the speakers i've mentioned.

Further, I am limited w/ power (50wpc, albeit nice, high current), and i'm not certain I would have enough power to adequately drive some of the speakers you've mentioned.


I'm shocked to hear you say the Epos sounded warm and thick. In my opinion, their midrange is anything but; I found them to be open,detailed and seductive in the midrange. Must be an amp/speaker matching issue.

Having said that, if memory serves me correctly, the MA's are more extended/more open... But I would like those with current experiences with both or either of these speakers to chime in.

Thanks again, guys.
Loose, I don't disagree that the Epos mids were quite seductive, but I felt this was actually because of the added warmth. My home speakers are the Mordaunt-Short Performance 6, which are extremely neutral and transparent in the midrange and this perhaps influences my feelings about the Epos speakers. To be fair it was actually the M16 and M22 that I had listened to, so perhaps the M12.2's offer a more detailed presentation.
oh yes, the 12.2 is a different animal by comparison.

The M16 and M22 did not display the same character, really.

But i do appreciate your input, btw and i'm looking into some of the speakers you've mentioned.

sorry Hens... I got you confused w/ Riley for a moment.