Monitor Audio GR10 speakers?

Im seriously considering purchasing the Monitor Audio
GR10 speakers to work with the new NAD C352 integ amp
and Music Hall MMF CD-25 cd player with Analysis Plus
Id like to hear from folks with their thoughts and feelings
about these speakers.
A couple things to consider:
Devide the longest room dimension into 565 to arrive at the maximum low frequency the room is capable of accomodating. Anything lower will distort all frequencies above it and degrade even the mids and highs.

Enclosed cabinet speakers notoriously contribute to exciting those pesky low frequency room modes that little can be done about, again, without deadening the room such that again the mids and highs are degraged.

Whereas dipole speaker designs (Electrostatic, Planer/ribbon, and open baffle) radiate in a figure 8 pattern, front to back, and typically off axis only about 30 degrees. compared to the box speakers 360 degree pattern in all directions.

That is, even if on a budget, the little Magnapan 1.6 (a low of about 40hz) will perform favorably in say a 10x12 room, and will provide realism in playback that not too many box speakers can compete with (though B&W for one makes an excellent line of speakers).

Especially when coupled with a relatively low distortion amp (like say, the vintage Hafler DH-200/220 ($200), Muse 160 ($8-1600), any ATI, or there is plenly $, Bryston, and if more $$ than you know what to do with, Jeff Rowlands ---all comparable in perfromance, which is reflected in all their spcecs)

The Maggies, as well as ELS tend to get large though when they begin to reach the lower frequencies. Open baffle designs seem to be the ultimate solution and excel in seamless integration throughout the frequency range, and do not need a vice for head to remain in their very narrow sweet spot. The open baffle designs are also not so finicky in set up.

I think most audiophiles who aspire to 'true to the original' in playback end up with dipole designs, and low distortion amps. And once there, the top end components lose their significand, while cables and tweaks become the last consideration. Some even end up at RadioShack, while laughing at themselves for having been so gullible.
I have a pair of the GR10's, powered by a Pioneer Elite 45 receiver. I can honestly say I love these speakers. Have listened to them for about a year now. Don't know how NAD equipment matches with Monitor Audio but my guess is very good. You might want to pose the question on a message board. I believe you will get some qualified opinions. Enjoy!