Monitor Audio GR10's? Dynaudio 52SE?

I am a pro audio guy in a hi fi world at the moment. I own several monitors, like the Dynaudio BM15A's, Dynaudio Air 20's and Adam S3A's. I have decided to finally build a home theater so I need some advice. I am looking for a pair of L R speakers first. I bought a pair of Dynaudio 50's... which I will be posting about in a seperate thread. I was thinking about using them as surrounds and getting a pair of 52se's for the front. Is it worthy to pay the extra for the SE? Any feelings about the GR10's? Thanks!
I have a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze b2's in a small system in my basement. I am pleased with them in that system. I am currently considering replacing speakers in my main system, stereo music only. So I have been researching the gr10's and 20's. I listened to a pair of 10's last weekend at a dealer in Chicago. I was unimpressed with them. Their low end has more boom than bass. Their tweeter is good, detailed but not brash. For the money I feel there is much more to choose from in a monitor speaker. If you are interested be sure to listen to them before buying them.
First question...on the SE version. Yes if you have the electronics and set-up to appreciate the difference. The SE does make improvements but only noticable in a side by side comparison with very good gear behind them.....the non SE are still awesome. The GR10? Not as smooth as Dynaudios but more exciting...IMO. I LOVE the GR10's myself. Easy to drive as well....dynaudios need more power to show their stuff and lets face it...that's not always practical.