Monitor Audio GR-60: biwire cable ok?

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I am very interested in purchasing a set of Monitor Audio speakers. My two current choices are the GR-60's and the GR-20's. I would of course prefer the GR-60's due to their bass extension, however I am a bit confused/concerned about the speaker terminals. I have a set of bi-wire speaker cables. Does this pose a problem at all to running the GR-60's? Will there be any imbalance if I run it with these cables with biwire cable? How would I actually connect them: by running the speaker cables to the bass and tweeter terminals and bridging the mids and highs?

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C. Lerner,
South Africa
Since it is a tri-wirable speaker and you have bi-wire cables, you can connect
your cables to two sets of speaker terminals and then you have to bridge -- or run jumpers from -- one pair to another. I would definitely dedicate one pair of leads to the bass and then bridge the other two -- as you suggest. Try switching the other two and see if it works better connected to the tweeters and bridged to the mids or the other way around. Also, the speakers will probably come with bridges. You can use those or you might get slightly better sound by making "jumpers" instead.
Thanks for the info!

I have been looking for a while now for a midsize floorstander. I am on quite a restricted budget and there is also limited choice here in South Africa. I recently came across to very good deals which two dealers I know personally can offer me, allowing me to look at these speakers where I would normally not have the budget, so I do not want to miss out. My choices are:

1. Monitor Audio GR-20 (I think will be a bit bass light, but still an option)
2. Monitor Audio GR-60
3. Revel F30

Has anyone had experience with these? What would you guys recommend? I listen to a lot of new age, classic, some Jazz (Norah Jones etc.), and moderate rock (Cranberries, Sherryl Crow etc.). I like a fair amount of abss but it must be controlled and tight - nevery boomy, but not too light either.

Thanks for any advice!
If size is an issue, then this is an easy one -- the F-30's are quite large, so those are probably out. If you have the budget for the GR-60's, those are the ones to get. They're in a different league than the GR 20's. I've heard both the F30's and the GR-60's -- they are both great speakers, both compete very well with speakers costing quite a bit more -- the GR-60's have slightly better bass extension. The GR-60's are fairly good sized speakers, but they are not nearly as large as the F-30's. I think you'd be happy with the GR-60's -- they're dynamic, coherent, accurate and musical -- and -- they sound great in a lot of different kinds of systems -- try to audition them if you can.
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I definitely will audition then. I thought that the only difference between GR-60 and GR-20 was the extra bass driver? Are there other major sonic differences other than the superior bass extension of the 60's?

Thanks for the help!
PS. I think the F30s are also out becuase of the 10" driver: I really prefere multiple smaller bass drivers to be quick and punchy.
To my ear, the added bass driver gives the music more weight and dimension, but if size is a factor, the 20's will take up less space than the 60's. When you audition the 60's, audition the 20's, too and see if you agree with me. You might be able to live with the 20's, they are also a great bang for the buck speaker. Your call.