Monitor Audio GR 10

Anyone heard this speaker - of the speakers I am auditioning, I have narrowed my selection to B&W 805s and Revel M20s, but the GR 10s have been recommended to me. There is no dealer in the area with these in a showroom, so I can not listen to them locally - I'm trying to figure out if it worth a few hour drive to take a listen. Thanks.
Never heard them, but if I was about to plunk down $2K+, I'd happily drive several hours. You might even find out that dealer carries a whole different line of speakers that you never even considered.
What are your tastes? B&W => M20 => G10 in order of forward / bright / crisp /clean sound would be how I describe.
Could also try Spendor and ATC active 10's which are the warmer English sound but still detailed and natural. JM Reynaud would be a step further in the "musical" direction.