Monitor Audio Gold series

I see the GS 10 & GS 20 seies would appear to be new offerings that have gained top marks in the British HiFi press that seem to be somewhat more objective than say the "speaker of the month cub" over at Stereophile.I am given to understand the integration between thier bass/midrange drivers & the evolutioary hybrid ,multi composite tweeter they have been developing over many years now is quite good....similar in this respect to Dynaudio & Seas.

Has anyone reviewed & or owned either of these speakers?I note there are very few of these speakers anywhere second hand which means people either really like them & do not want to sell or very few of them are sold relative to these aforementioned driver based systems here in North America.

Because I am still searching for that reasonably affordable speaker with the smooth nonsibilant uppermids,I thought I would put this out & see what the views of my fellow Audiogoners are on these.

Comments if any please.


Kelowna B.C.
Thanks ,I will start to toy around with some of those ways & means of elimating the ground.There are enough things to do that something should show up along the way,if there is a grounding issues that is.

Thanks again

Regarding sibilance ...

I have GS 10s, Arcam FMJ CD/Pre/Monoblocs.

When I tried Nordost Red Dawn ( rev II ) speaker cables,
the sibilance was painful. Bottom of the line Kimber speaker
cables, or better, 14/2 romex ( solid copper electrical wire ),
and the tweeters are smooth as silk, very articulate.

I went back and forth 20 times -- how could $800 speaker
cables sound significantly worse than romex, at 12 cents a foot?!
Well, they did.

Most folks don't know about Home Depot being a high end audio store. Ssssshhhh.
How did this go from MA GR's to 14/2 romex?
Fact is,MA has a long awaited Platnium series coming sometime in early summer.