Monitor Audio Gold GX300

I am thinking of upgrading my speakers. Currently I own the Monitor Audio RX6. My preamp is a Bryston BP25 and at the moment my amp is a NAD C355BEE but I plan on upgrading that as well (perhaps to Musical Fidelity, Pass Labs, Threshold, Plinius, etc..).

The MA Gold GX300's are on my radar. They seem to get very good reviews. I just wanted to take a poll and see how other people find them to be. The RX6's are fairly balanced and detailed as well as coherent. I'm looking to get more bass extension and even more resolution and more refined sound overall.

I listen to lots of orchestral music as well as jazz, rock and folk music. When I upgrade my amp I will be looking for something on the warm and musical side of the scale rather than neutral.
If I were you I would be a used set of GX-200. Much more easy to drivr. And also a lot easier according acoustic limitations. The GX-300 needs a more powerful amp and more space from the wall. The new Gold series are a very big leap forward compared to the discontinued Gold GX series.
That is excellent advice, Bo. I will take that to heart. More power rarely equates to better performance. It will make amp shopping much easier!
Really, Pontiflex? My experience is diametrically opposite: more power, better sound, especially on soft passages, or abrupt transitions from soft to powerful sounds. Perfect example: Wagner preludes and overtures.

Just one man's opinion. as Sam Tellig used to say: "Watts is chealp!" (But good ones aren't.)

I'm a big lover of dynamics too but that is mostly a function of the noise floor of your amp and the sensitivity characteristics of your speakers as well as damping factor. And the B/L factor of the voice coils to a slightly lesser degree as well.

But I do agree that good Watts come at a premium. I used to own a pair of Bryston 7B SST2's. Very dynamic but I don't attribute that to their power rating. No solely at least.
I've owned the Silver 5i, RX6, GX200, PL200, and a Radius

The GX200 has a ton of bass and I drove them very easily
with a bel canto c5i integrated amp (NOTE: the GX200 are
8ohm and the RX6 are 4ohm). I'd say the GX200 had 2x more
bass than the RX6 in my room.

So much so that I got rid of my sub.

I only got a more powerful amp when I stepped up to the
Bo, in what ways are the new gold series leaps ahead of the gx series?

I think what Bo means is that the GX series is leaps ahead of the gold GS series.