Monitor Audio dealers

Any monitor audio dealers in the NYC/NJ area?
I know...but most of the listed dealers are AV installation shops, not really dealers as such.  I am interested in members that actually have been to bigger dealers around the area that carry the high end models.
"Most of the listed dealers are AV installation shops." Although, I have Monitor Audio speakers, I submit that's why they aren't as respected as some other high-end companies.

FWIW, Electronics Expo, which was originally a spin-off from Sixth Avenue Electronics, has a 14 day return option, with no restocking fee.  2 weeks is not a lot of time for a home audition, but if you set it up for a long weekend or some vacation time, you can get a good feel for the speakers in your own home, with your own gear and music.  If you're disappointed, you can return them.  Just save all the boxes and packaging. 

Beyond that, The Sound Exchange in Somerville is a B&M dealer.  Although they do a lot of home theater work (almost everyone does nowadays), they might have a proper demo room.

David Lewis Audio in Philly is a "real-deal" high end audio salon.  Might be worth the trip.

Ultimate Audio/Video in Matawan might one of the numerous home-based audio dealers I have seen in NJ.  These dealers offer the advantage of a genuine home setting that can be more realistic than an audio shop in a commercial building.  The downside is that you have to make an appointment, so the pressure is on - they are opening up just for you.  But if the owner is a decent fellow, that won't matter.