Monitor Audio: audiophile quality?????

I very rarely find any discussion regarding Monitor Audio speakers. I am thinking of the Gold Reference series. Are they just good for home theater and not thought of very highly for music only?

 I tend to agree that Monitor Audio Gold are overpriced , when compared to the Silver series. I personally adore the sound of the Silver 100 7g  speakers. At under £800 , they are a beautiful pair of speakers for 2 part stereo systems.

I have an Audiolab cdq 2800 , and 2 x Audiolab Monoblocks, with Arcam sd50  sacd player/streamer. QED silver speaker cables with the Monitor Audio 100 speakers in White. The finish on these is exceptional when compared to Dali.            I make my own interconections using Belden 8412.. Seems like a good system for a reasonable price.

I have a pair of Monitor Audio Studio 6 speakers, and a friend of mine has a pair of Studio 20 speakers from the early 1990's, both are excellent and still sound the same. They are definitely audiophile speakers, very neutral and revealing, and musical. You have to match them properly with the rest of your system because they will show flaws in your other equipment. I also bought a pair of Silver 500 speakers, and they are excellent for the price. The older Studios were made in the UK and the new models are made in China. Because of this the price is a lot lower and more affordable. The quality sems to be the same with newer technology. The cabinets are as beautiful as ever with the veneer of each speaker a mirror image of the other as they always were.