Monitor Audio

Has anyone gone from the Monitor Audio PLC350 series I to the new PLC350 series II? If so, what are you thoughts/opinions?
I know the original series vs the newer series and it is not a good match.

The series I used a pure ribbon tweeter which was very clean and could be a bit too bright. 

The second generation moved to a Heil tweeter which is airy but a bit more laid back.

So this combo of mixing old with new would in my mind not be recommended. 

I had the Gold C350 and now the PLC350 series 1 in my current set-up. Both are based on old technology. On certain movies, the differences between the Gold C350 and my PL500 II fronts were obvious. The differences have all but disappeared with the addition of the PLC350. As always, I wonder how much "better" the PLC350 series II is compared to series I?