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I'm building a small bedroom system. The amp will be a Rega Brio R. I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Monitor Audio Bronze 2. Thinking this might be a sweet combo. 
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I like MA a lot, but why not a Silver? The anodized mid/woofers are pretty sweet.
I have the 300 Gold, they sound great and has a huge sound stage with plenty of bass. I wish I could comment on the bronze.
I have a pair of the Bronze 2 in a small system that I rarely use. I am also familiar with the overall Rega sound, although not having heard the Brio-R. I agree with erik_squires. The Silver series, which I once heard at a dealer,  will have a greater clarity and tautness with Rega. The Bronze 2 is a good speaker at its price point but can sound a bit sluggish and thick.
I have the Rega Brio R and it might be the best sounding integrated under $1000. I think that it deserves better than the bronze, but the Bronze is a fine speaker.
The price difference is substantial. I appreciate the comments. Gets me to thinking about upgrading the speakers. 

Any advice on an upgrade without breaking the bank? 

I have Silver 5i in my bedroom system, they have a very good sound. They hold their own in my opinion. Very clear and detailed with my modest gear.

I bought them used for a few hundred, fwiw. 
Sennheiser 1. Do you have a speaker recommendation for me. May I ask what you are using? 

I'd highly recommend the Silverline Minuets.  Heard the original version powered by relatively cheap electronics at a NY audio show and they blew me (and many others) away.  Best of luck.

If you’re willing to consider used, I’d suggest Totem Rainmakers in that relative price range. How about Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 65? I really liked their sound as compared to many other comparably priced (and sized) monitors.
I commented above on the Monitor Audio Silver 5i - but I rotate them with Silverline Minuets. Crazy coincidence...

The Minuets sound great, but different than the 5i. I can explain why I like the 5i, but not the Silverlines. The Silverlines just sound 'right', more laid back in my system than the 5i. Laid back is generally not my cup of tea, but the Minuets are captivating to me, easy to listen to for hours. Writing about them motivates me to rotate them back in.

My Minuets are the original version, fwiw. I use them with a sub now, but have used them without and been happy. 

I'll shut up now!


I am intrigued by the Minuets. Almost double the cost of the Bronzes. My guess is I'll keep them for a while, realize the amp deserves better. Sell at a loss and do it all over again! 
So how does the sound of your Brio/Bronze system sound to you? 
Hi mesch
The Rega is delayed in shipping and I'm not overly impressed with the Bronze 3. I might try the Elac Uni Fi
How long have you had the Bronze? I'm far from an expert, but here's my humble opinion:

Give them time to settle in with your Rega gear. Play with positioning of the speakers, etc. There will always be something else better with more this or that. 

Take your time and read on here about different gear. After awhile you'll have a feel for what you want and don't want. Many great speakers will come up for sale preowned and you can take a chance for less risk.

Who knows, maybe you'll forget about the gear and just enjoy your music. 

I apologize if I've stated the obvious, just trying to help.

I am intrigued by the Minuets. Almost double the cost of the Bronzes. My guess is I'll keep them for a while, realize the amp deserves better. Sell at a loss and do it all over again!
Not sure why you'd guess that, and I'd strongly disagree that the Minuets may not be worthy of the Brio -- personal tastes aside of course.  Many people run Minuets with considerably more than a sub-$1000 integrated and are very happy.  Also keep in mind the Minuets are a relatively easy load for an amp, which is something you should consider with a 50 Wpc integrated.  Case in point, before you pursue the Uni-Fi further you should read the CNET review that found an 80 Wpc amp not able to get the best out of them given the Elac's relatively low sensitivity and sub-4Ohm minimum impedance.  This is one reason many of us recommend purchasing speakers before, or at least coincidentally with, an amp.  All that aside, if you're concerned about losing money, Minuets do pop up here used fairly regularly so that could be another option.  Hope this helps, and again, best of luck in your search. 
Hey soix
My comment was in regards to out growing the Bronze 2. I'm sure the Minuets would be a totally different story. I do have concerns about the low sensitivity of the Elacs. I bought the amp first because I found an open box deal for $750. I should slow down a bit and check out the used market here. Thanks for the input. 
Thanks uncledemp. Sound advice indeed 
I'd second uncledemp:  it's not worth looking for other speakers until your Rega is set up & broken in.  My Silver 2's have some obvious limitations but are still highly revealing of all the upstream changes I've made; from what I've read, 'telling it like it is' is a MA trait.  The front port on the Bronze should make them amenable to quite a few placement options if your room permits.  The Elacs are solid choice at their price point, but not a $1000 speaker in disguise, and (as soix said) would probably pair best with a more powerful amp.
Don't know about pairing MA speakers with Rega gear (Had Harmon Kardon and Marantz receivers), but I had the Silver 6's as my main speakers for almost 10 years and they were very good for their price. This year I moved them to my HT system and now have the MA Gold 300's for my stereo system and they are very nice.  But one thing with buying new gear, as uncledemp said, patience.  Things can sound a lot different after a bit of play time.
I decided on Q Acoustics Concept 20. Liking what I'm hearing so far . 
Thank you all

I had considered pairing the Bronze with my Rega Brio-R, DAC-R, and Apollo-R for my office system.  Took my Brio to a MA dealer to was OK but felt the weak link was the MA Bronze.  I settled on Harbeth P3ESRs to team with my Rega gear - astounding. Oh, and the bass from the little giants amazes me.  The Rega gear is truly magical at it's price-point.
I've read good things about your new speakers, What Hi-fi? has been a fan for sometime. 

Sounds like you made a good choice. 

Kind regards,

Thanks guys 
I'm happy with the Concept 20's
I hooked them up to my main system and the sound was surprisingly good . Seems like a fine little speaker 
Can anyone help me out hooking up a sub to the Rega Brio R?