Monitor Audio

After having the Monitor Audio PL500's for almost two months I wanted to share my thoughts. I've owned several speakers over the years: Artemis EOS, Mirage M1's, Klipschorns, Revel F52's, Revel F208's, Wilson Audio Sophia 2's, 3's, Sasha's, and have listened to many more. Unless I move to a smaller room, I have found my final speaker. The PL500's won't be for everyone, because there are no absolutes in Audio. To my ears they are very hard to fault. A full range speaker that does everything very well. They are big, but they totally disappear, imaging is outstanding(despite their size, images are of proper size), non-fatiguing, everything is integrated, dynamics/realism are just fantastic. Anyone looking for a full range speaker should give them a listen. In a week or so I will post a review. 
Congrats on the speakers.  What are the differences you hear between the PL500s and the Sashas?  Looking forward to your review. 

It would be unfair to directly compare the PL500s to Sasha's. My entire system has changed. The system with the Sasha's consisted of the following equipment: Densen B-350 mono amps, Densen B-250 preamp, Rega Apollo CD player as a transport, Audio Research DAC7, Silver Audio Cables.
My current system: Jeff Rowland 625 S2, JR Corus preamp, JR Aeris DAC, Bryston BDP2, Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 speaker cables, Wireworld Platinum interconnect and Power cables, and a Torus power conditioner.
The Aerial 7T's were the only speakers in both systems. When I had the Aerial's in the Jeff Rowland system they were paired with JL Audio F110 V2's and the JL Audio CR1 crossover. Comparing the Aerial 7T's directly to the PL500s would be unfair because of the price difference. Compared  to Aerials with F110's and the CR1 there is such a significant difference it's hard to believe. I could say the typical Audiophile things about the soundstage being bigger or  imaging is better, but that wouldn't do the PL500s justice. The PL500s bring the musicians in my room. The tonality, realism, and emotion of music is just incredible to my ears. They are simply the best speakers that I've had!