Monitor amp.

Can anyone give me recommendation on headphone amp with instrument input and line-level input so I can listen my guitar along with the band I'm trying to pick up?
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Here is a link to the pro audio discussion of the Audio Asylum forum. I'd ask a question to this forum.
Doesn't your guitar amp offer this feature?
I have Acoustic Electric guitar that mostly played unpluged.

Got it. What about the amps for acoustic electrics? I'm not familiar with these, but I assume someone makes a product like this, no? It would also allow you to plug in (when you chose to) and sorta kill 2 birds.

Found a solution
Tascam MP GT1 portable guitar trainer that would blend your guitar with recorded music, and if necessary record it over so you can loop it.
Not sure if conventional guitar amps(or acoustic guitar amps) have monitoring capabilities of mixing line-level signal with the instrument. The one I have is the practice Fender 10W SS amp that doesn't have such features.
The Fender G-DEC amps offer a similar system.