Money Well spent

Cables , Interconnect  Rca /Xlr & Power   Not To metion Power conditioners ???? Is we  all  have a shopping bag of left over  cables  WHY  many because  always hoping for that new improvement   that some thing extra   My most $$ power cable a well know company  VD i have retailed for 1,200. 00 back in 2017 Hi Fi award  all that stuff  you like  a new Car of the year  again . so  who make s  great cables &  NO i Don't want Garden Hoses  behind my audio rack that  don't bend or are so heavy they have to tired up in order not pull down &  fall out  do i have to go on & on  NO i don't think so  i have NOT been BLOWN Away  as of Yet  just   NOT  satisfied  Good News Is my Wallet is so thin it doesn't heart when i sit down G mann
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Can you repeat that in English with punctuation? Right now it sounds like you don't like your cables, and you don't have any money to buy new ones.
Yes Thats  right i don't like   some of my cables  and yes i need  so money to upgrade can you help
Miller Carbon  thank you for you you tube advise  i did not realize you were so talented  so glad i could amuse you 
Come on guys, the OP signed-up one day before Groundhog Day. Respect his initiative for coming out one day early ... 

The OP probably thought he was sounding cool in a William Faulkner kind of way. 
After reading geleary123’s post the 4th time, I realized he got me!!

He made me read his post 4 times!

Somewhere in there, is a question about cables. Expensive cables are what you buy when you’ve treated yourself to everything else, so you might as well spend a wad of cash there, too. I’m not knocking it; it’s their cash not mine. But the incessant bragging about it as if wasting all that cash is a life-trophy, is unnerving.
Yes but silver lining, there will be no bragging about the Spelling Bee Trophy.
...don't know 'bout Faulkner....*mmmno*

Hunter Thompson mid-road trip.....better. ;)

...and it's still a Saturday nite live on the west coast.....*S*
@ geleary123, chill...everyone here has had a 'meltdown' of some sort over 'audioitis':

The Fear That You'll Never Get It Right
(given ones' circumstances, that being a given.....)

Take 2 aspirin, get a good nights', and don't call me in the morning....
     I believe Spell* + Grammar Checker for English, both to be available on the Net, wherever one lives.                  *That's what all those little, red squiggles, you must have jumping off the page are about, geleary123.

      Perhaps, in some parts of the world; it's harder to get one's EARS checked?

        "  who makes  great cables &  NO i Don't want Garden Hoses  behind my audio rack that  don't bend or are so heavy they have to tired up in order not pull down &  fall out..."

                                       Funny, you should mention that!

        Synergistic Research makes GREAT cables and a couple of mine are iterations of their Power Masters, which ARE (pretty much) the size of garden hose (which ISN'T a proper name, btw) and stiff as a wedding di..., well: you get the drift!

         I don't own any high-dollar outlets, NOT that I don't believe they'd make a further improvement, but DID get the best Hospital Safety Grade outlets that I could afford, because they're installed (fed by two runs of 10/2 Romex) twisted around one another), pretty high up on the wall.

         I didn't want those lovely sounding, heavy and stiff, suckers stressing the outlets, which I knew wouldn't let go and causing any problems.  SO: found a piece of 1/8" (3.175 mm) aluminum sheet and cut a piece to the same width of the outlet, by about 8" (20.32 cm) long.    Then: put a 90 degree bend down at the back and a 45 degree bend, up and back (front), on a sheet metal brake.   Screwed it to the wall; as support for those babies.


          There's 2", wedged, acoustic foam behind my system and to keep my larger cables, such as the afore mentioned and my Tesla Apex pair, from pulling out of to whatever they're attached; I made hooks out of wire coat hangers* and they work GREAT, stuck in the foam.
          *OH CRAP, mommy, my bad! (                                    

                              YOU TOUCH'A MY CABLES: I BREAK'A YOU ARMS!
                                          ders dem squiggles again, dam it
     To clarify, "... cut a piece to the same width of the outlet..." should have been, "...cut a piece, the same width as the double duplex cover plate...".

      AND: the parenthesis after Romex: should have been a comma, since the Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation Police are patrolling this thread (yeah, yeah: I'm guilty, as well).

      Undoubtedly: there's more (it's hard to be perfect, ALL the time).

      I should (probably) hire someone to proof-read, whenever I'm at a keyboard!  

                    Is typing SUPPOSED to be this exhausting?
Imagine typing long ones with a mobile.
Takes twice the time and you cannot leave the page. 
@petg60- PLEASE, don’t even go there!

     I’m still using an old fart style, Motorola Razr (flip phone).


     I don't even turn it on; unless I intend to PLACE a call (WAY too much robo and spam).
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In regards to VD cables, Chlamydia Cables are the worst, seriously the very worst.
I enjoy all the feed back glad my b ad spelling aka grammar  could bring a laugh to the table  yes my hearing is not so goon  3Years in the USMC  2 combat tours  Marine Corps Navy Medal  & Now  as per the VA a classified mission   soon to be Declassified  will get me the Bronze Star   Sgt  ge leary   USMC    Thank you 
hey i just watched  that you tube video  i guessing you guys are married  to  some one like  in that video  wow  any way if any one want s to give me  good advise on audio gear  & try to over look  my Evelyn wood speed typing i will say thanks  bot you two book Ends you know who you are a funny to each other i see enjoy 
tomorrow  i will be calling  Vdoo in calf to return BLK diamond power cable   not the ONE
OP thank you for your service ! Our family gathers today at the headstone of another great Marine.
@geleary123 aka: Sgt  ge leary   USMC:

          Situational awareness training, as you certainly MUST know, has kept MANY breathing, above ambient temperature and on the green side of the dirt!


           Just the knowledge that you're having troubles with one ear; has cleared up a major mystery, in my mind, as to why you're not hearing improvements in your system, with various cables.

            ie: In my system: the vast majority of enhancements have been subtle (others: not so) and primarily in the areas of imaging, ambiance recovery, listening further into the sound stage, etc.

            In other words: things that involve something scientifically referred to as, "auditory spatial perception":


             Something of which most aren't even aware, but: as both of us surely have found, can mean the difference between coming home in one piece, or not.
                   ESPECIALLY when faced with people trying to kill you.

             Try some of the following tests, with your system and see if the expected results/sound paths, as described, are present to your hearing and with your current system.  Then: with some new interconnects.



            With all do respect, SARGE: THANK YOU, for your service.
                  GOD BLESS and SEMPER FI (my brother in arms)!
It is a shame some have to rip this guy apart for asking a question.  Some of us joined this group because we want to learn and not be criticized.
@geleary:     Based on the way you've described your service; I'm guessing you passed through Nha Trang, once or twice and have been places we Americans never were?
When it comes to wire, if you have the budget Townshend F1 for sure, or below that the similar Townshend Isolde.   

Below that in terms of price there are so many choices my approach is to go with the odds-on favorite Synergistic Research. I say that because having used and compared an awful lot of them over a good 30 years they are so darn consistently good. Not saying you can't find something better for whatever you can afford. Saying that because there are so many good ones at so many different price levels you can just about throw a dart and be pretty much assured of being satisfied. As opposed to spending who knows how much time and money trying to find something better.   

If you have enough time and money you probably can find something better. But is that really what you want to be doing with your time and money? When you can simply search around for whatever Synergistic cable happens to be within your budget? That is why I looked around and found a $7500 Synergistic CTS speaker cable for $1200. When new it was their very best, now 16 years later still very, very good but a lot less money. So like that. 

That covers interconnects and speaker cables. For power cords the story is the same only different. In this case if you can afford Moneoone Nova or Supernova that is the way to go, and if not then same story back to Synergistic. They have been making the Master Coupler for over 30 years now, because it is that good, and not just me saying that they sell now 30 years later for almost what they cost new back then. Once again not saying they are the very best, but you could do a lot worse for the $200 or whatever one of those will cost you. You could also probably spend a huge amount of time searching around and find something better at that price point. How do you want to spend your time?  

Between $200 for a Master Coupler and $2500 for a Nova there's a lot of choices and so I would just go with whatever Synergistic you can find a good deal on. Keep it simple.  

Be aware I do not like the sort of hyped, tilted up, analytical sound that a lot of audiophiles call detailed. If something is going to err, and they all do, I prefer it be more full bodied and warm than lean and etched. Keep that in mind because a lot of guys love that hifi sound. If that is you then maybe replace Synergistic with Transparent or something like that. If you can get up to Townshend/Moneoone level then you can get the best of both worlds, warm and full yet also super fast and beautifully detailed.
@geleary:     Here's a suggestion, Sarge.

      Try something from these guys, which will allow you to test various cables, for a fraction of the cost of buying and returning.

      Don't know your price range or system, but: if you call them and let them know, they can make some good recommendations.

      I'm posting the Synergistic interconnects page, because they make some great cables.  At least: I've never been disappointed by them.

       Kimber's another cable company, with which I've been very happy and that also has a variety of good stuff at various price levels:

        If you should buy something from them; they deduct the rental fee from the total price.

                  Happy listening and enjoy this, much more pleasant, "tour"!

@millercarbon: Here’s a digital punch in the arm (re: Synergistic).

                         YOU OWE ME A COKE!

     Well: I figure within two minutes, in here, is pretty close, anyway.

     Especially, the way I type (ie: Columbus Method/discover and land) then post, proof-read, hit edit, correct, post, proof-read, hit edit, correct, post... ad nauseum)!

      btw: Thanks again for the ENTER tip.     Can you tell; I'm having fun with it?

Please accept my apologies for being critical of your punctuation and spelling. Some call me a grammar cop, and I guess that's true sometimes. 
Thanks for your brave service, and be well. Good luck in your cable search!
roxy54 ,  sometimes  in life there are those of us  less fortunate  thank your apology geleary