Moneoone Nova Cables

Ok will start this by saying I am a long time cable skeptic. Not in the sense that I thought they would do nothing but that the expensive cables would simply color the sound in a way some or most would find pleasing rather than automatically make it better. I have always thought that expensive power cables were a crock! I mean how couldn’t they be right? They are bringing the power 3 ft from the outlet to the component. Well I have been proven wrong. Take this for what you will as I have no incentive to lie or sugar coat. I am actually reluctantly sending the cables back from a trial. Not because they didn’t make a difference, they most certainly did. It’s the fact I don’t really have the disposable income at the moment to purchase them.


Enter the Moneoone  Nova power cable and XLR cables. Immediately upon putting these in my system there was noticed or I guess unnoticed a complete lack of glare. I expected to hear no change or some frequencies boosted etc but this was not the case. I found myself playing my system about 10db louder than usual with no fatigue. This was absolutely not subtle. Improvements were all over the spectrum from lows to highs. I have to say the highs were the biggest improvement. Cymbals in particular were brought to a different level. I am a long time rock/metal guy although I listen to just about everything. This is just one example: Clutch is one of my favorite bands but I would never play them. Cymbals were just this splashy mess most of the time and it would just ruin the experience. I can put on my old Clutch albums now and I’m not going to lie that they sound like audiophile recordings but do in fact sound MORE than listenable. Same thing for more radio rock (Offspring) type stuff to Slayer. It’s pretty crazy really the difference. Yes I have taken these cables out of the system and put the old stuff back in to verify my results and it is striking. It’s like they take out all this hash I didn’t know was there and just cleaned it all up from top to bottom.


I have no idea what kind of filtering or whatever is going on here but it’s there and it’s obvious. All I know is these cables in my system in my room are transformative. My next upgrade will not be a component but will be cables, a little bit at a time. These are on the top of my list when I’m able to buy. It really pains me to send them back!        

I recently hooked up Nova's to my Jeff Rowland Model 12 Monoblocks and they sounded so much different and so much better than what I had. They only have about 50 hours(Lubos said 200 hours for full burn in) but they sound fantastic. I easily notice a difference.

I also ordered a Supernova for my power conditioner. That combo may make the need to change my downstream component power cables less a necessity.
I think you will be shocked how good the Supernova is. 
"It Pains Me To Send Them Back!" ???????
Some pair of balls from someone who never intended to buy them in the first place. And all this from someone who can only compare something he cannot afford against a "stock" power cord?
I think most of the people who read this missed these facts - Only an idiot like MC would agree with you & only because you are agreeing with him.
$10,000 for a cable seems excessive unless the entire system is extremely high end.  I can only imagine.  
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