Monarchy SM70 Pros - Verses - Odyssey Stratos

I am looking to purchase either two of the Monarchy SM70 Pro monblocks or the Odyssey Stratos in the next month. I was wondering anyone has compared these two products. My previous amp was a Krell KSA 200s. I loved the details and sound stage of the Krell. BUT I found that it was physically too big and over-kill (powerful) for my listening style. I have very efficient Snell EIII speakers and a smaller room (14X12) in my new house. I love clear forward details from the highs and mids.
Judging by your the description of your own sonic preferences, i would think that the Odyssey would be better suited to your liking than the Monarchy's. Bare in mind that i'm basing this on what i've heard out of the Monarchy's and what others have said about the Odyssey. Sean
Thanks, Which Company’s amp has a more forward (more micro detailed) presentation? I’ve seen a lot of reviews for the Odyssey and they have said that it is pretty laid-back or relaxed. I recently tried a McIntosh MC162, which the reviews (AR) said was extremely detailed. But with my setup (McIntosh C712 Preamp) it seemed that the mid-range was missing or mellow. Nice to look at, but not for me. The Krell Ksa 200s was 95% satisfying. I’m looking for the Krell sound only in a smaller package.
I don't particularly like recessed midranges either. And, that is what I liked about Atmasphere OTL amplifiers. They are full, immediate and detailed. They produce a large and realistic soundstage. Very impressive. Unfortunately they are expensive and sometimes require an auto-transformer to better match low impedance speakers to its output Z.

The Monarchys are very balanced sounding (SM-70s or SE-100s). They are not recessed but not forward either. However, if I had to designate one or the other then I would pick forward. I don't think you would dislike them even if you don't find them perfect. But I think they sound very good.