Monarchy SM70 Opinions

Hi all Is this amp for real? Giant killer or just a good value? If all you need is 25 watts per channel is there any reason to look further? The reviews dont think so. Thanks Emil
I owned a Pass Aleph 3 which I bought used for $1300. I sold it and bought a Monarchy SM70 strictly to save some $$$$. The reviews and press and actual consumer reaction to this amplifier suggested its value was impassable. After living with it for approximately 2 months, I would have sold anything to get my Pass back. The Monarchy is not as dynamic, does not have that black background, and is less smooth sounding. I do not think at all that it lives up to its reputation. I will tell you that at the time I was powering Nautilus 804's which do require some power, but the Pass's advantage was for more than the extra 5 WPC. I suggest saving for a Pass Aleph3 or possibly a new Volksamp which you could check out at their website. The Monarchy sounds like its price - not aweful but not a value either.
I have an SM-70, and plan on getting another one. Krellnot's experience is obviously different than mine. To me the SM-70 sounds several leagues better than Adcoms or Rotels, while it is priced in that range. I have bought and sold a lot of used amps while playing in this hobby. Some I like a lot, some I hated. The Monarchy falls into the former. I personally have not owned any Pass gear, but my friend does. Pass and Levinson sound similar to me - very black background, super clean sound. However, they also sound rather analytical to me, compared to the Monarchy or any tube amps. In addition, the Monarchy has a good sense of musicality, and three dimensionality, which I had only found in tube amps previously. If 25 watts is enough power for you (most speakers in small to medium sized rooms), then I would definitely put it in the "giant killer" category. Besides, how could one go wrong for the price?