Monarchy SM-70PRO users, important discovery

I just got my VHAudio Pulsar ICs and while hooking them up to my AXIOM preamp I discovered that the inputs on the amp are reversed. The RCA input with the red label(input A) is actually the left input while the white labeled input (input B) is actually the right input. At first I thought it was the preamps fault, but the Luminous is designed for that to be an impossibility.

I know its the amp because I played the Free Design's cover of "Michelle" on my home rig and on my portable cd player with balance controls. When its played right the vocals are on the right side and instruments on the left. With this amp they are reversed until you switch the inputs.

Any other people using this as a stereo amp and run across the same thing?
Sure. No big deal, you just have to switch the interconnects.