Monarchy SM-70 to Model 33 interconnect question


I have a pair of Monarchy Audio SM-70's running in mono-block mode and I have a Monarchy Model 33 DAC/Preamp. I'm currently using RCA-SE connection between the amp and preamp, but many reviews I've read state that it sounds better running with the XLR/balanced connection.

Question, has anyone ever used the Monarchy DAB-1 balanced cable for interconnects? Also, Monarchy stated that a single DAB-1 also works as a balanced digital cable. At 50 ohms, is this really a good choice?

CC Poon at Monarchy says these cables work well as both digital and as interconnects. Is this really a good use of my cash, or should I move on to another vendor?

BTW, I think the Monarchy products sound great, especially for the price I paid for used items.

Thanks for the assistance.

If your happy with the Monarchy gear as a combo, why not trust the man that built / designed them to know what will work with them ??? I'm sure that CC has played with enough cables on his gear to know how they respond and what works best. Like anything else though, personal taste and system synergy is what comes into play. Given the fact that you already like how he has voiced the components that you have, it would seem logical that he would continue on down the line with cables that would compliment his products and produce a synergistic sound. Sean
Yes, use the balanced inputs. You will be amazed at the difference the amps sound in the balanced mode (I have a pair of SM-70 Pros). I have not used their interconnects, but I think it is made of the same wire used inside their amps and preamps. C.C. Poon knows what he is talking about, I would trust him ....
Thanks for the responses. I agree that CC Poon knows his stuff, but I do sometimes find his replies confusing. As a small company, he seems to "do it all" including design, sales and marketing. He modifies his products often, and it's sometimes difficult to understand his correspondences because I can't tell if he is talking about past, present or future versions of the product. Again, it is obvious that he is brilliant, but he speaks over my head!

Anyway, thanks for the advise. I'll get a set of the cables to use for interconnects and one for digital. I'm also getting a DIP for my digital setup. I'll post my findings.

Happy Listening,