Monarchy se-100 delux mk2?

Has anyone tried the new version of the Monarchy se-100 delux? Compared to the original? Compared to other amps, class A or otherwise?
I am interested in knowing this too.
I just got the 100 Delux mk2 a week ago still need more break in sound getting better after a week pass by,it similar to my Aleph 3 almost like my Almarrow 318B in midrange.
I don't have anything that I don't like accept a little hum at the speaker but you don't here in few feets away,over all good detail,midrange,air and bass and in my system with Hyperion938 the amp have to play at lease 10.30 O'clock to get good sound not like Almarrow only 9 what a powerful 18 watt class a tube amp.
Good Luck it a very good amp.
Anyone, please - Is it worth upgrading from SM-70 PRO to SE-100 Delux MK2?
When I owned the SM-70 Pros, which was a few years ago, CC Poon himself said the SM-70 Pro sounded better than the SE-100, which he only built to reach the 100 watt level some people require. The MK2 version may have changed that equation, although I think he's upgraded the SM-70 line recently too. CC was pretty good about answering questions, and I had a lot of them, so I'd suggest writing Monarchy.

I really loved my SM-70 Pros, but they were a little noisy once I got my Druids. With lower sensitivity speakers, they were terrific.


I saw a rather favorable review about the SE-100 Deluxe MK2s on Stereomojo and was curious if anyone has any further thoughts or updates on their feelings about them?

They seem like a great value. I'm having a hard time finding quality monoblocks under $1500. I have tried the Outlaw M2200s but I think they are giving me listening fatigue. I saw Emotiva's monoblock offerings but I'm unsure about their musicality. I have Emotiva gear for HT only.

Thanks everyone and advise when you can.