Monarchy Model 22B vs Cambridge DAC Magic

Which one should I get? I want to use this with my Sony PlayStation 3 as the audio source...
the monarchy is going to be a lot better
How so ?
Please explain.
I don't have the time time give a totally in depth response right now (should be working not playing with my friends :P) but the Cambridge is a budget piece whereas the Monarchy is a high end piece at a mid fi price. This has always been Monarchy's claim to fame.

The DAC from Monarchy that I've heard have all been very warm--tube like-and have killer bass slam. The midrange is liquid.

ccpoon is a diehard...
Try them both if you can as I had the NM-24 and could not sell it fast enough.
Systems are so synergy dependent and music preference's as well.

Best of luck,
I think most tube dacs will benifit from NOS tubes. In my Monarchy NM24 it sounded like a different unit with NOS tubes and Mundorf coupling caps.
Is the Monarchy 22B the latest release ?
From your enthusiasm it sounds like it is a good unit. How does it compare to a Benchmark or PS Audio ?
I am in the market for a dac.
I used to have a Monarchy 22A (modded) back in the day, and then I got a 22B, even better. I've never tried the Cambridge, but I could almost put money on it that the Monarchy will be much better.