Monarchy DIP/Unsampler boxes effective tweak?

What is everyone's opinion on these? If you could chose between the two...which one? Intended use for 2 channel playback. Onkyo CD>18 bit PS Audio DAC Thanks for the input..
If the DAC does not reclock the data then the DIP can be very effective. Inserting the DIP between my Marantz CD67SE and Monarchy 22A DAC made more improvement to the sound than adding the DAC to the CD player had made.

If the DAC reclocks the data or if the transport has very low jitter then the improvement will probably be less marked.

I can't say whether a DIP would be better than an upsampler, but I'd probably choose a simple DIP as it will be less expensive and will give you an idea of how much your system benefits from reduced jitter.
Very effective, dejitters and softens the digital edge. There are some reviews posted on the Monarchy Audio site, check them out.
In may experience the Upsampler sounds better, but it does not work with all dacs. The DIPs do, however.
I bought a DIP Classic primarily for its s/pdif to AES/EBU conversion, but found to my surprise that it significantly improved the sound in my setup (Theta Miles > DIP > z-Sytems RDQ-1 or Behringer DEQ2496 > Benchmark DAC1). Not a night-and-day difference, but worthwhile to me. No experience with the upsampler.
If you can get your hands on a used Camelot Dragon it is even more wonderful
Has anyone experimented with after market power cords on any of the DIP's? If so have you noticed an improvement versus the stock cord? Thanks again...
No, but I have put a ferrite ring on the existing power cord, just in case the DIP is a source of noise on the power supply to my other components.
I'm not sure that I noticed a jump in performance, but I tend to assume that digital components have the possibility of injecting some level of noise back into the power supply so a ferrite on the cord seems like a wise precaution.
Hello Chad,I have a Mark2 ,I used a Moray James PC on and got a worthwhile across the board improvement,def. better than the stock PC!
I've tried both the standard DIP and the DIP upsampler and prefer the standard DIP. I was using a JVC DVD player as a source and an upsampling MSB Link III as a DAC. For this set-up, they were both worthwhile tweaks but the standard DIP was better.