Monarchy DIP Question

I just purchased a DIP upsampler to try and inserted in my system where the Camelot DIP used to be. WHen I turned on the system after inserting ther DIP and powered up my transport, the locked light on the DIP immediately lit and the locked light on my DAC started blinking rapidly. In addition, when I touch the DAC or the DIP I hear crackling in my speakers. I tried to play a CD and the music broke up frequently. I removed the Monarchy and put the camelot back in, and the sound returned to normal. ANy ideas on what the issue could be?
Something sounds defective, Try calling Monarchy for the best assistance. 650-873-3055.
If this is a 24/96 DIP, it may be jumpered to th 96 kHz setting. It your D/AC is not capable of this high a signal then it will cause what you are talking about. It can also damage the D/AC and your speakers. If you have the instructions they will explain what to do. If not, the Monarchy website has the instructions.
I have the Dodson DAC-263 which is capable o receiving up to 24 bit 96Khz.
If that's the case, then the Monarchy piece could be out of phase with the rest of the component chain. If music is playing and the crackling sounds more like Rice Krispies with milk on them, then it cound be a phase problem. Does your D/AC have a switch to invert the phase? This may be worth checking.
It does, I will try that
I tired that. The symptoms still persist. It seems to be electrical. If I place my hand on the DIP, the music cuts out completely. I wonder if it is a grounding issue?