Monarchy DIP + MSB Link III DAC upsampling board?


I just bought a stock MSB Link III DAC and think I will also go for a highly praised Monarchy DIP. My question for the future is: since the Monarchy DIP already upsamples to 24/96 is there any point in adding an upsampling board to the Link III? Then the upsampler is just taking a 24/96 signal and putting out 24/96... not really doing anything. Of course my first upgrade to the Link would be the P1000 power base, but the upsampling board would be next.

Can somebody out there with this combo (upsampling Link III) tell me if flipping the switch makes any difference?

I'd have to agree with you. If the Monarchy does the upsampling, then no need to upgrade the MSB. The basic function of the upsampling board is done by the Monarchy.
OK, let me ask sort of the reverse question: can/will the upsampling DIP HURT if the DAC also upsamples? I am planning on swapping the MSB for a Bel Canto DAC2 sometime, which is an upsampling DAC... but I don't know which Monarchy DIP to buy.

Will there be a difference between the DIP classic and upsampling DIP, and if so will the upsampling make a good or bad difference?

Hope I don't have to get the DIP combo to find out, but if I do I'll report back.
If the DIP is doing the upsampling, then I think your DAC upsampler is only going to upsample if you're upsampling further - say to 24/192 (happy to be corrected on this). Otherwise, it is receiving a 24/96 signal and doesn't need to upsample the already upsampled signal. IMO the DIP only makes a significant impact in the situation where the DAC doesn't already attenuate the jitter (either by upsampling or reclocking in nnative resolution.

Of course, there is the option to buy the DIP combination which gives you the option to upsample with the DIP or just reclock and amplify the signal in native 16/44.1. Personally, I don't think you'll notice a significant difference with either an upsampling MSB or the upsampling Bel Canto as both these DACs already attenuate the jitter in the incoming signal. All IMHO of course.
Thanks Hens, that all logically makes sense. But, as we all know there's some inexplicable voodoo in hi-fi where changes in sound occur where they shouldn't.

According to Stereophile's Sam Tellig, the DIP is virtually a MUST for the Upsampling Link III, and is even more dramatic with the upsampling enabled rather than disengaged in the Link. Go figure. Of course this is the DIP classic and not the upsampling version.

What the hell, DIP combo it is. It'll be interesting to hear for myself if there's any difference with upsampling -> upsampling.
Just as a voice of dissent here, if you read the various audio forums, there are praises for the DIP and there are just as many who believe its benefits are nominal, if at all. Having owned the device, I am in the latter camp. With either of the DACs you reference, I wouldn't bother. But, you will just have to try it for yourself. And, please take advice from Stereophile witha grain of salt. Do they dislike anything?