Monarchy Audio SM-70 & B&W Nautilus 803

Hi all.
I'm the owner of a pair of B&W N803 loudspeakers. I'm planning to upgrade the amplification, currently a Musical Fidelity A3 (80W,integrated). I could have, used, a pair of finals Monarchy Audio SM-70, 70W in A class. The pre is a tube device, build by a local brand.
Have someone some results about this finals-loudspeakers combination? Have finals enought current to drive correctly the loudspeakers?
Thanks in advance for the tips.
The MonarchySM-70's are great sounding little amps. They have more current then the MS A3. In addition, they put out enogh heat to keep your listening room toasty.

Good luck,
If you can swing it ..get the SM-70 PROs.They have more current and can handle low impedances better than the regular SM-70s.Great sounding amps all of them !!

Good Luck!