Monarchy Audio DIP/Upsampler Combo

Thinking of placing this in between my Logitech Touch and my DAC. Would this set up be beneficial in this situation?
Will this help the logitech touch for improvements?
I have done that and the improvment was absoutely amazing (I do have a dac which accepts a 96k signal). If your dac accepts a 96k signal, I am sure you will have the same experience. Increased resolution is amazing on the touch.
I am using a CHORD DAC 64?
So this will definately benifit my Logitech Touch since my Chord 64 accepts 96khz. I always though newer dac's had all the jitter controlled necessary from the data the transport feeds.

Might have to look into this.
Does your Chord Dac upsample? If it already does, you may not experience the benefit I did. My benchmark Dac upsamples, so there was no improvement with the Monarchy.
Cerroy, I'm confused. Is the benefit from using the Monarchy due to upsampling or jitter reduction?
Upsampling and I have also found the clock in the combo really helps the Touch.
Cerrot, So in your opinion, if my Cary Pro Dac section has upsampling then the Monarchy would not be a benefit ?
Based on my experiences with Monarchy DIPs (including non-upsampling ones), as well as reviews/discussion forums, I think it is the re-clocking and jitter reduction that these units do that is responsible for most of the improvements. Hence, improvement is often not noticeable with DACs that have very good jitter rerection, like the Benchmark mentioned above.
Agree with Arni and, as for the benefit of the upsampling, if your dac does upsample, you probably would not experience the benefit I did, but, I'm not sure if it makes a difference to your dac accepting a 44.1k signal and than upsampling or accepting a 96k signal.

Again, with the Monarchy, my Berkley receives a 96k signal, and that was a hugh improvement compared to the dac w/o the Monarchy.
Ozzy, I was just at the Chord website. Are you sure your dac upsamples, or does it just accept higher sample rate signals? (big difference).
Cerrot, You typed Chord, instead of Cary Audio.
Yes, my Cary 306 SACD Pro can upsample to 768.

I doubt if the Monarchy would be an improvement, but I would like to at least try it.
Sorry, Ozzy. Thought you had the Chord. $400 bucks for the Combo and maybe 30 day trial so easy enough to try. Love to hear your findings. Happy Listening.
I am the one with the Chord 64 DAC, its not an upsampling DAC by the way. Probably have to try the DIP Combo and see how that works.
Definitely give it a shot. It realy makes the Tuch sound incredible. Much more resolution.
Anyone, Can you explain the difference between the Monarchy Combo and the 48/96 DIP ?

I have a Squeezebox Touch that I am routing into the Digital inputs on my Cary 306 Pro.

Which of the two Monarchy units should I try?
Thinking of upgrading my Monarchy Combo to the Esoteric G25U to get a 192k signal into the Berkeley Alpha DAC. Anyone have any thoughts? Worth $1,100?
I just had Bolder Cable upgrade Mod my Sqeezebox Touch and I also purchased the Bolder standard Linear Power Supply.

Wow ! This made a WAY bigger improvement than any Jitter reduction unit.
Ozzy, assume you had the digital mod done? How long did it take?
Cerrot, The digital mod took only a couple of days, perhaps a little more than a week total with shipping back and forth via USPS Priority Mail. But check with Wayne prior to shipping your unit to him to check his schedule.
You gotta get the power supply too. That took about 2-3 weeks.
Thanks, Ozzy. I have the CI Power supply though may consider the Boulder if I send it in for the mod. I really don't want to be without the unit as I enjoy it so much. I did pull the plug on the 192k upsampler/clock, though. (Esoteric G25U). I figured if the Combo made such a large improvement upsampling to 96k, 192k should be even better. Got a great price on it and it doubles as a clock for my Esoterix X03-SE so should be a win/win.

Enjoy your new mod. Care to report a short blurb on the improvement you are experiencing?