Monarchy 24/96 DIP and DacMagic?

(copy of earlier post by smholl): Does anyone have any experience or opinions as to using a Monarchy 24/96 Upsampler to the Cambridge DacMagic? Since the DacMagic will take up to 24/96 and upsample to 24/192 why not feed it the highest sampling rate possible? Or does it really matter to the DacMagic what it is being fed, since everything is upsampled to 24/192 anyway?
I thought the post looked familiar :).

Audio Advisor (who sells both pieces) told me that it probably would not make an audible difference. so they suugested money is better spent in other areas. I am feeding the Dac Magic with a Squeezebox Duet. Big improvement was adding Channel Islands Audio power supply the Duet.
I have yet to find an upgrade PS for the Dac Magic.
Smholl, You might check the British market. I got a "Little Pinkie" PS for my V-DAC from a small business in Scotland. Big improvement.
I have a Monarchy DIP (but not 24/96 upsampler) that I use between my Apple TV and the Dac Magic to play wav files from my computer. Toslink into DIP and Spdif into Dac. The Dac Magic is great but the DIP makes a noticeable improvement. I believe it's supposed to be due to jitter reduction accomplished by the DIP but I don't know if that's really the reason. I would call it more dynamic or lifelike for what that's worth.
the monarchy unit is more than just an upsampler, it is a jitter remover also. i use these jitter devices between the source and the external dac in every 1 of my systems with a big improvement in sound. i would try the monarchy dip before your dac since your dac upsamples.
Same experience here, DacMagic + DIP Classic. It simply provides improved overall accuracy. Excellent recordings are rewarded, poor recordings are revealed.