Mom wants a shelf system or laptop speakers..

Do any of you all have experience with small systems like this? I would like to keep it under $250. She wants something that she can listen to music with in the kitchen.

Thanks in advance.

ONKYO CS-210 Executive Series Stereo Mini System
A little over budget, but nice:
If you are seriourly considering lap top speakers, check out the electrostatic panels and powered sub for computers sold by Von Schweikert. Can buy direct on their website.
She would rather not have a sub since the speakers need to be semi portable and there is really no floor or counter space for it.

thanks for the suggestions so far!
I bought my wife a Tivoli Model 1 radio to which she attaches her iPod. Compact, sweet sounding and, substuting a CD walkman for the iPod, affordable.
Second the Onkyo CS 210 $170 delivered, dump speaks for Mission m70 listed new on A'gon for $90 or Pardigm Atoms, so I count $180. Unscrew the top, drill 4 holes and mount under cupboards.