mold removal

I picked up some 16" recordings from 1944 that have mold on the discs and inside the sleeves. Was hoping for some good mold removal tips for the discs and sleeves, too. Would like to save the sleeves if possible. The sleeves are made of plain brown paper. Thanks in advance.
You desire to preserve the original sleeves in probably more trouble than it is worth. You'll need to not only clean the sleeves for aesthetic reasons but also decontaminate and kill all the mold/mildew spores. Otherwise, the whole process starts over, especially if humidity rises above 50%. See the attached link for a discussion of the conservation issues related to your problem. While the link discusses books, not record jackets, the problems are the same.
I wish this site would let you edit your posts after they're posted! What I meant to post was - Your desire to preserve the original sleeves is probably more trouble than it is worth. Gotta stop posting before the first cup of coffee has kicked in.
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Thanks Photon46. I'll more than likely discard the sleeves now, since they may cause trouble with time. Better to clean the discs and keep them that way.
I would imagine that a decent record-cleaning fluid like Pure2
with a little bleach could kill the mold on the records. Then
follow up with some straight Pure2 to remove the bleach/fluid
combo. I would personally forget the sleeves and just replace
them. No, you're not submerging the record in bleach for a
week - just add a bit to the fluid. I can't imagine it would
be harmful if it's removed soon after with pure water or
another fluid rinse.