MOLD on compact discs

How to clean please??
Some are quite bad others lightly marked..
How is that iClean stuff by MOnster?
(For computer screens etc??)
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I would use a mild soap and bleach solution and dry with microfiber towel
If it is superficial then just wash them - water and soap - as suggested above.

If the metal film is rotten in places (underneath the plastic sandwich) then there is nothing that can be done - copy the CD before it gets any worse (youu lose more tracks).

"CD rot" is something you can google it is rare but I have around 10 CD's that suffer (out of a thousand or more)
Mild soap and water is best, don't use bleach...
steel wool is best...
I had a similar problem- an ABBA 2-disk Collection edition. It seems that a thin film of insulation that was supposed to protect the CD disks, actually decayed and affixed itself to the disks. I tried to remove the gluey gunk with soap and water, but it would not come off. Was left with no option, but to try using a greenie weenie on the label side of the disk only-BIG MISTAKE! It took off the label as well as the silver reflective material that the laser is supposed to bounce off of. This left little clear pits shinning strait through the disk, leaving the CD ruinned! Anyone else with the same experience?
yikes~ ~!!!
Mine arent too bad!
Im going w mild bleach then soap & water!
Thanks guys!