Mohican vs BCD-3

Anyone heard the Hegel and Bryston units side by side?  Seem to be trying to do much the same things, but the Bryston is 1.5K less expensive...
Yo answer your question, no, haven't heard either one.  Are both of them CDPs that don't accept digital inputs?  If so I would put the money into a DAC/transport.  I do have the Bryston BDA-3 DAC and I've read that the CDP sounds the same
I would like to read about this comparison as well- twoleftears.
Seems to be a few owners of the Bryston BCD-1 but not the "3" ?

I have been searching for any owner of the Mohican?
These are (2) elusive cd players for some reason.
You'll find quite a number of very happy BCD-3 owners over on AudioCircle.  There are several threads dedicated to it.  James Tanner argues that mating the specific drive/output to the specific DAC has benefits over separate boxes.  Perhaps the Mohican is too much $, plus Hegel doesn't quite have the long-enduring reputation (repairability) of Bryston...