Mogami wire vs Signal Cable inter and Linn K400

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow I will be swapping all of my Signal Cable Analog One interrconnects out for some KAB American Recorder Technology Jazz interconnects (made with Mogami mini quad wire). I found a few good recommendations for the Mogami wire and I've also read that Linn uses Mogami wire for some of their applicaitons.

I plan on posting a follow-up in this thread once I've given the Jazz cables a try in my system for a week or two.

Also, I currently have Linn K400 in my system using it as a bi-amp config. I was wondering if anyone has compared the K400 to Mogami 2921 quad speaker cable in a bi-amp config?

Bummer there were no replies to this thread. Here is an update on my cable quest. I ended up sending back the KAB 2431 Jazz cables (some good imaging and bass but the highs were quite rolled off plus the build quality was not the best). I also tried some Knukonceptz eKs and while they are built well, the locking RCAs are more of a pain than they are worth and I feel my system lost a good deal of musicality with them, so they will mostly likely be going back.

Today, I received a custom ordered set of cables from Pro Audio LA. They are Mogami 2549 (heard many good things about this cable) with the shielding floated at one end and soldered to the negative ground on the other to make them directional. I also had the cables terminated with the Neutrik ProFi RCAs. Looking forward to trying these out tonight.

I will post an update soon...
First impressions from last night. Cables sounded great. No rolled off highs, very organic with large and deep soundstage and a very nice ranging bass punch. More later...
I say, try the Signal Cable Silver Resolution before you settle down.
I had Signal Cable Analog Ones throughout my system and they were pretty good. I bet the Silvers are a good step up but I have never heard an interconnect image as well as the Mogami 2549. Plus the Silvers are twice the money (and then some since I need some 4,5 and 6 foot lengths) and do not have as good as RCA connectors.
I just got 60 ft. of 2549 in the mail today to build my own custom interconnects to wire up my entire system. I was planning on connecting them the same way as yours (shield floated on one end). Glad to hear you're enjoying them.
I am about to place my second order of Mogami 2549 with the Neutrik ProFi RCA connectors to outfit my entire system with 2549 interconnects. I also just ordered some Mogami 2921 quad bulk speaker wire for a bi-wire setup in both of my systems. Looks like the 2921 is just right with 2972 not being made any more and 3104 is pretty large in the gauge. Also have my Rogue Cronus Magnum on order - cannot wait for all the new items.
Have all Mogami wire in the system now and very happy with it.

Hi Sbrownnw,

I have 2549 in my system and have recently auditioned Mogami 3173 which is excellent :-)
I need to listen more comparing the 3173 to the AQ Sky which is also resident in my rig.

I'll post my thoughts in my system thread once I collect more observations.

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Looking for 3 meter balanced analog ICs due to system reconfig for center and 2 rear channels. Which Mogami would work? Will microphone cable work? Rest of cabling is SR, but not an option here.