Mogami speaker cables?

Has anyone tried the Mogami speaker cables being sold here on the site by member imjerrys? I am thinking about trying them but would like to hear from someone that has heard them before ordering a set. I have tried Mogami interconnects (not the ones also sold by this member) before, and they are outstanding for the money so these speaker cables may be worth a shot. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Anyone? Surprised no one has any experience with these speaker cables here!
I have no experience with the Audiogon seller mentioned but have used Mogami 3103 for a few years now. Available online for under $3 a foot, I paid my dealer to terminate them with high copper content Vampire spades and also had them cryoed and burned in on the dealer's Nordost toaster. The 3103 is 11 AWG.

Seems to me my total cost was around $150 max including termination, cryo and burn-in for what is the equivalent of about a 12 ft. pair (I use unequal lengths).

The Mogami replaced, and bettered older (blue and black) Kimber 8TC, the current 8TC selling for around $20 ft. I believe. The 8TC had also been cryoed and burned in on the Nordost but was terminated with Kimber Postmaster spades which are pricey and probably not that great sonically.

The 3103 is a very good cable. I'd strongly recommend it if single wiring is adequate for you-if you require bi-wire 3104 is what you'd be looking at.

I also use a Jelco balanced tonearm cable, which is constructed with Mogami 2534 and it is a very high value cable as well; it replaced a DIY tonearm cable using Cardas wire and a Cardas phono DIN which was a fair bit more expensive than the Jelco.
Thank you very much for sharing your insight. I am not sure which Mogami cable this particular member is using in his cable (they are not disclosing that). I am debating a DIY job like you have done, or purchasing some of his cables. He has apparently done alot of testing with various models of the Mogami cables and different terminations amd assembly methods to land on what he feels is "best" sounding speaker cable to use in the Mogami lineup. DIY will be cheaper, but the results may take longer to achieve with trial and error!
Mekong56: From the description, I'd guess he's using Mogami 3082, which is one of Mogami's cheapest offerings at around $1.20 ft.

You might be interested in this (scroll to the bottom of the page for info on Mogami). Linking is a pain here so just cut and paste into your browser:
2804 > 3104 > 3103 > 3082
I have seen that site before. It's a pretty interesting site, actually. If I am going to try the DIY route, it will probably be the 3104 that I try first. Why do you assume he is just using the cheapest model from the line?
"Why do you assume he is just using the cheapest model from the line?"

Only real descriptor in the ad is that the cable he's using is 14 AWG. That rules out 3103 and 3104 which are both 12 AWG (3103 being a 2 conductor cable and 3104 being a 4 conductor cable) and also appear to be larger diameter cables than those pictured in the Audiogon ad.

Single wire only in the Audiogon ad as well, which leads me to believe it would be 2 conductor 3082. The photos in the ad also indicate a fairly small diameter cable as I just mentioned so it's not likely to be 2921/2919/2941 which are thicker 4/6/8 conductor cables (also 14 AWG) and also would be biwire capable.

So I could be wrong, but my thoughts are that it's quite likely 3082. If I was buying, I'd be asking. Maybe if the Seller sees this thread he can confirm what he's using.
I'll just say, my observation is that Mogami wire is fairly cheap to get online from many dealers. Unless this seller is cryo treating or doing something special, he is over priced, IMO. I bought Mogami interconnects by a professional recording company, made to order with standard Neutrik plugs for somewhere around $30 on ebay.
Mogami 3103 and supra ply 3.4 are very problematic cables. The Mogami sounds very dark, heavy, slow and atmospheric with rolled-off highs. When i put it in my system it sounded like i thrown blankets to the speakers. I really felt sick with this cable on. The Supra Ply 3.4 has many problems ,too. The first big problem is the lead voacals which sound laid back and very muddy. You will not hear a thing of what the lead singer sings with this cable. The second serious probelm with this cable is its stereo image. It is not balanced and it draws the vocals to the left side. It's like the plane is leamning towrds the left side. That is very annoying.
Mogami starquads are not cheap either.  There are better cost/performance alternatives outhere.
I have 3104 in my system and it sounds great.  I've never had any problems with 3103 either, and used it before I bought larger plugs I that were large enough fit the larger gauge of the 3104 twisted pairs..