Mogami balanced cables .... or another brand?

I'm moving to active speakers and was wondered what brand of balanced cables to use. The front L & R are less than ten feet; the rears about 40 - 50 ft total.

I've heard and read good things about Mogami, Canare, and a few others.

Also, where to purchase? Blue Jean Cables .... or a pro audio site?

NO interest in mega-buck cables.

Thank You
For Mogami 2534 Quad Mic cable try: or

A 50ft XLR terminated cable is around $65-$75.

I had Redco make a 30ft pair to try between my Atma-Sphere preamp and amps. Build quality was fine and deliver time was pretty quick.
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I contacted Redco and their prices are outstanding.

The Gotham GAC-4/1 (the counterpart to Mogami 2534) has been highly recommended as well.

Thanks to everyone who responded.
05-13-08: Tvad
If Atma-Sphere's balanced designs negate the effect of balanced interconnect cables, then Ralph's use of Mogami wire says more about his endorsement of using inexpensive balanced ICs than it does about the quality of Mogami wire.
I think you have jumped from a qualified statement to a sweeping generalization without cause.

I have not seen Ralph write that all low-cost balanced IC's work well, but I think I have seen him write that Mogami's do.

And I have seen him write that well designed and executed differential/balanced systems minimize most cable influence. But, I don't think I have ever seen him write that D/B systems negate "all" cable influences from all balanced cables. That is why I attempted qualified my statement with "mostly" because an extremely low-quality, poorly designed and constructed, balanced cable might still have a profound negative effect.
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