Mogami 2921 vs Canare 4s11 vs ???

My goal is to build new cables that I will use for the next 15 years, no matter what speakers I have, but I don't want to spend money that will force me to get a 2nd mortgage..  My current speakers are 4 Ohm so my thought is I need at least 12 gauge - 10 gauge wire.  I am planning to replace my AudioQuest Type 4 speaker wire in my home theater with Canare 4s11 until I found Canare 4s11g, unfortunately you can't buy Canare 4s11g, at least I couldn't find it for sale.  So I began looking at other speaker wire and  Mogami speaker cable appeared.  There are several choices, the 3104, 3103, 2921 are a few.them. Most of the ink is on Mogami 3104 speaker wire and it is highly regarded. I noticed Mogami 2921, 4 conductors of 14 gauge wire appeared to be exactly like the Canare 4s11, except the Mogami copper wire is OFC.  My question for the experts who support this forum are:  Is the Mogami 2921 as good or better than the Canare 4s11?  Should I continue to search for Canare 4s11g cable or just be happy with the 4s11? Should I expand my budget and use one of the Mogami flavors (3104, 3103, 2921)  wire?  Should I stop the search for wire and just purchase 10 -12 gauge OFC wire and end the analysis paralysis?

If the DIY speaker wire build goes well I am sure I will replace my Monster cable stereo connections with new cables and connectors, but first things first..... the speakers need new connections.  Any and all feedback is welcomed.



I own a lot of cables, audioquest rocket, atlas hyper 2.0, qed original, viard audio premium hd, canare 4s11, Vandame lp-ucofc, western electric (tuneful), mogami 3103...

My best cable is the mogami 3082, it's the more transparent, clear and realistic sound on my focal electra 907be !

With belden 8402 rca, the sound is natural.

Don't crush that dwarf, hand me the wire strippers.

Enjoy building and using your new cables!

“Don't crush that dwarf, hand me the wire strippers.”

@mwinkc ,

Hot Buttered Groat Clusters. 😁😆😜



What is your problem with the break in? That is how long it took and that is also what I was told by Canare.  I knew someone would scoff at my statement, congratulations.