Mogami 2549 (Standard) vs 2534 (Quad) etc


Thinking of getting some xlr and rca interconnect cables made Alot of people have suggested Mogami for their lack of coloring and sending exactly what the source outputs. just not sure which mogami  cables..there are soooo many variations.. anyone got input one these?


Just buy the least expensive ones. No point in spending more because they all sound the. same - contrary to what the "golden ears" crowd claims..

you should be able to easily check your hearing by sourcing both cables  w return policies…. BTW we use a variety of Mogami and other cable at the recording studio… when selecting a combination of microphone / cables and Preamp and sometimes the various tubes in the  chain, nobody so far has picked based on $ or the rantings of the local tin ear….

btw Neglex the underlying wire is excellent…but there is just a bit more to it than that…

OP - have fun, enjoy the journey and especially the music….

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You can purchase whatever length XLR or rca terminated Mogami Gold cable you need at Amazon.

I have also had them made by the folks at Blue Jeans Cable.

 I prefer Van Damme Classic XKE  

​​​​If you google it, a gearfab post claims 2549 sounds better.


Just based on the docs, the quad has better noise reduction.  Not likely to be an issue in most homes unless you have long runs or are near strong RFI sources, like a radio transmitter or machinery.

Having said this, I prefer the pure silver DH labs.  Brittle but I've gotten rid of everything else.


I have cables made with W2549 and others with W2534. Both pair have the same Neutrik connectors; both are 25 ft long.

Five years ago, when my HF hearing was better, I thought that sound through the ordinary mic cable (W2549) had SLIGHTLY more HF response. Maybe.

I'd use W2549 for most applications. If in an area with extreme RFI, the W2534 quad cable, which has better interference rejection, would be better. But for ordinary applications, even running a line-level audio cable near a power cord, there is no need for a quad cable.

+1 on the 2549 wire, I buy it in 500ft rolls and make my own XLR cables and RCA cables in what ever lengths I need, I use Nakamichi RCA plugs NO556 from and for XLR connections I use Neutrik NC3FXX female and NCEMXX male connectors from

Eric may have meant to say the ConneX Cable BL-Ag Interconnect Cable, which is pure silver and pretty good sounding, particularly for the price.


I use Mogami Gold XLR. I just made an A/B comparison to Audience Front Row XLRs. What I learned is that the Audience is better, but the Mogami's are incredible for their price. You need to pay at least $1K for cables to better them. Even then, you will really, really need to critically listen to hear a difference. 

Dh labs... i ended up with studio pro with furutech 126g connectors.Enough pace and clean balanced sound stage.For the money😏

Keep coming back to my DH Labs Air Matrix. Silver coated copper interconnects.

Use W3103 for my Wharfedale speakers and about to swap in W2549 interconnects gathered on-line from several assemblers who offered my various oddball specs…3 ft RCA to 1/4” jack, pairs of 2ft RCA, and a three spade REL cable. FWIW, I believe in cables to the extent that Mogami and Canare seem agreed to offer value as low noise studio and road gear suppliers. My ear is decidedly not golden enough to appreciate the highest end connectors but 45 years in radio and backstage outdoor festival production has tuned me in to the basics of clean signals, good grounds, the value of amp overhead and the reality that good speakers are a must to enjoy music fully, LOL

Question for resident technicians, have heard in several discussions that Wogami cables carry signal with a low capacitance floor. Is that a key thing to low noise? Is that connected to low resistance and /or less current loss over distance? My degree was in anthropology, if I could do the ‘70s over again I’d pick something that would have more to do with this :)



Low capacitance cables have less loss at high frequencies.  Low inductance have less loss at low frequencies.  Purely resistive cables have equal loss across all frequencies.


@retrocrownfan...I have a pair of 3104's i slipped in for a couple days.Man...rock solid tunefull low end and smooth mids/highs...just a very good value for such little money.Who cant appreciate that.

Same experience with banana clipped 3103 cables into big baffle Wharfedale Lintons. Immediate and noticeable increase in voltage to the speakers. I had to tweak a bit to recover the imaging and sound stage. There was some distortion in my signal chain that was not audible with Amazon wire but came through the bigger cables, I think. Just dialed back my analog preamp level and slightly upped amp attenuation …increased the toe-in a little…and captured some Mogami magic. Best DIY $90 I’ve spent lately!