Mogami 2534 "Upgrade"

I have used Mogami 2534 RCA interconnects several times and found them to offer good sound quality at bargain prices. The connectors on them, however, were inexpensive and I always wondered how the cable would perform with quality connectors. To answer that question, I had Take Five Audio (TFA) make several pairs of interconnects using Mogami 2534 cable and Furutech FP-126(G) RCA connectors. The cables received TFA's standard cryogenic treatment.

After running in the cables for several days, I did a comparison and quickly found that TFA 2534s totally outclassed the cheaper ones. I then compared them with available interconnects (StaightWire Maestro, AQ Emerald, Kimber PBJ, etc.) and found that the TFA 2534s outperformed them as well. Tonal balance, low-level detail and overall musical presentation were very satisfying.

I'm not sure if it was the Furutech connectors, the cryo treatment or a combination of both that was responsible for the improvement over stock Mogami 2534 cables but I’m very happy with the results. If you’re in need of interconnects at reasonable prices, the TFA 2534 is a worthwhile consideration.

Did you get the 2534’s in bulk? A friend of mine told me he has had great results with the w3159 wire so I just got some in and will use some KLE Harmony connectors to try them out. 

The 2534 cables were made for me by Take Five Audio. Good luck with your project.
Nice post. I was just searching for Mogami XLR’s going back some years on  A’gon.

Do you use any other cables from Take 5?

The RCA interconnects are the only TFA cables that I've used, but wouldn't hesitate to buy others (power cords, etc.) if I needed them.
Its the Furutech.