MOG alternative

MOG will die on April 15th!
Thank you Dr.Dre!
Any alternatives? I listen to Jazz, Classical and Progressive rock.
I have Sqeezebox with upgraded power supply - to dac- to tube buffer-to-amp- to speakers. Dr.Dre's "beats music" will not integrate with Sqeeze box.
The other option is Spotify. How good is their's jazz collection? I'm not sure if they broadcast at 320 kbs on Sqeezebox.
I don't want for now to buy mac mini and start streaming via web site.
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I ditched Spotify about a year ago after using it since it became available in the US. I constantly ran across jazz tracks that were left off albums due to the track length I guess. It seemed like tons of songs that were longer than 10 minutes in length were just greyed out. Maybe things are different. Just use the free version to give it a whirl.
I tried the 30 day free trial of Rhapsody and I found to be a very good service and would subscribe, but already have too much money going to XM,MOG and Sat TV. I should learn to entertain my self more cheaply!

I'm having a similar issue. The in-dash unit in my car allows control of MOG on my iPhone via the console mounted rotary controller with a readout on the in-dash display. However, it won't recognize the Beats app at all. I emailed Beats a week ago as to whether a fix was planned, but have gotten no response.

I'm in the same boat as you and I fear the result will be me moving to a lower sound quality streaming audio service.
Spotify is my only source and I've been quite happy. They' e recently changed thier format and it's great! Im just getting into Jazz; give me some artists names, I'll look them up and report back
Deezer, it have a huge library (30 million tracks) and it's very easy to use.