MOFI Yes "Fragile" UD1S (One-Step, Supervinyl)

I’ve had this now for awhile and have had a chance to listen to it several times through.

Another home run for Mobile Fidelity. Definitely in my top 5 of the UD1S releases, (which I have all of them).

"Roundabout" has always been one of my favorite songs, (top 10 for sure). Here, it is exquisite! Lush, open, dynamic and just hypnotic. Oh, and the rest of the album is just as good. Clean, QUIET surfaces with a wonderful black background!

Of course, excellent packaging and presentation like all of the UD1S reissues.

Highly recommended...expensive I know, but to me, well worth it.
 "Clean, QUIET surfaces with a wonderful black background!"

So does it sound like a CD?  I'm not trying to be facetious, but if it sounds anything like the recent 45RPM issue of Dire Straits' 'Making Movies', then I'll most certainly pass, because that puppy is dead on arrival:  flat, congested, undynamic and devoid of musical life (but a very flat, quiet pressing).  

I'll stick with my original UK plum 'Fragile'.
I agree entirely with the OP. An absolutely superb pressing and outstanding SQ. Like "mofimadness" I have all the MFSL UD-1S pressings. My favorite is still Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks. Strange, because I never considered myself a Bob Dylan fan until I heard this album.
So does it sound like a CD? I'm not trying to be facetious, but if it sounds anything like the recent 45RPM issue of Dire Straits' 'Making Movies', then I'll most certainly pass, because that puppy is dead on arrival: flat, congested, undynamic and devoid of musical life (but a very flat, quiet pressing).  
Strange, that's the first negative thing I've read about the Dire Straits LPs?  I have all (4) and they are some of the best that MOFI has done.  Response around the world seems to be the same as my impressions.  Oh well, you can't please everyone...
I'm still waiting for my copy of Fragile.  I have the SRV Texas Flood and Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks.  Both are still in my "on deck" bin, unopened.  I'm not sure why I haven't played them yet.  

I have all the MOFI Dire Straits and agree they all sound great.  But what do I know?
Like big_greg, I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive.  Better check my receipt!

I was told by the store I purchased it from that it will be released on January 24.
Cost of admission for a period,MINT Yes Fragile "stamper" makes the reissue seem like a bargain.

I haven't heard any of those "super reissues" so I'm not qualified to comment on what's more convincing.

I'm one of those who buy a period copy of something until I find "the one"

I've been fortunate to find a stellar US copy for cheap.

I never heard an album sound so good.
It is sad that EVERY album that we have couldn't sound like this.

The best way for me to describe:   it's like you melded your sound system with the best set of Grado headphones.

$125 is way out of my play money range for an album unfortunately no matter how good it might be.

Even with my stimulus money.... lol
They are expensive, but so far, (I have all of them) they are in the top 1% of the best pieces of vinyl I own.

The new Mingus is spectacular too...
I've had my Fragile UD1S for a while now. Haven't played it yet. Or any of the others I bought. 

Right, @uberwaltz?! $125 will buy a Schitt Mani, fer Pete's sake. No album is worth $125 to me, but hey, if you've got the dough, why not? I'm used to getting by on very little $, and have had to make sacrifices to get the hi-fi and music I want.

And then there are the vintage drums. I traded some to Brooks Berdan for hi-fi; 1960's Ludwigs were his favorites. His favorite drummer was Ron Bushy of Iron Butterfly. I had to keep my opinion to myself in this case ;-) .

Another perspective.... believe me, at first I had a hard time with the cost.

My justification: As far a specific title, one could luck up at a yard sale, but more likely, finding a plum/orange UK "Fragile" in M condition, will cost more. Then there is the time/ effort / and how one places a cost on those things.
Another justification: I personally don’t attend very many concerts, the money saved from this, for me, is better spent listening to the best version in my own listening room.
Another: I listen to vinyl only, so I have zero investment in other playback equipment that most have.

I cracked mine open and listened to it last night.  I was skeptical about paying that much for a record, but I have no regrets now.  Opening it reminded me of being a little kid and opening what I knew was going to be my best Christmas present.  The packaging was first class and in line with the price of the item.  I was a little surprised when I went to put the vinyl on the table and saw that it was translucent.  Apparently that's the new "Supervinyl" they use.  I wonder if it's similar to Quiex?  

The dynamics, detail, and instrument separation and overall sound quality were amazing.  I kept wondering if I had turned up my subwoofers as I could not only clearly hear every note of Chris Squire's bass, but when he hit the low notes, it was visceral.  The Fish shook my house to the foundation.  Mood For a Day felt like Steve Howe was in my living room.

Quite simply, I've never heard better sounds come out of my system.  Fragile is a record that I'm very familiar with and have listened to in a number of formats and nothing else comes close.  After I finished listening, I played a song off the 96/24 version on Qobuz and while it sounded very good, it was missing the warmth, dynamics, and detail of the vinyl.  Usually my streamed music sounds as good if not better than vinyl, but in this case it really wasn't close.  Highly recommended. 

If it seems like a lot to spend, try finding a used copy of any of the one step releases that are out of press.  You won't have to sit on it very long to get your money back and then some.